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Get ready to meet Steve. He’s the star of Penguins, a new documentary following an Adélie penguin in Antarctica. Steve sets out to build a nest, find a partner, and raise a family. But none of this is easy. “Many of the trials and tribulations that an adult Adélie penguin goes through are not unlike our own,” codirector JEFF WILSON told TFK Kid Reporter Tiana Sirmans.

Steve must swim more than 500 miles to find food and carry it back to his mate. Along the way, he meets dangerous creatures, such as leopard seals. And those aren’t the only threats Steve faces. “Penguins have to compete with each other. They have to compete with the weather,” Wilson says. “They have to compete against the odds to survive, and that makes them full of character.”

But that doesn’t mean the life of a penguin isn’t entertaining. “It’s an extremely funny movie,” Wilson says. “Penguins are funny animals.” Penguins is in theaters April 17.