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What's That Sound?

SNAP A PIC Abhijay (left) smiles for a picture with Burton during their interview for this story. COURTESY ABHIJAY POTLURI

Think of a sound that’s important to you. Got it? Now imagine that sound—poof!—suddenly disappearing from the world.

Sound Detectives, presented by actor and TV host LeVar Burton, is a podcast that turns ordinary sounds into epic mysteries. In each episode, a sound such as a wave’s crash or a cricket’s chirp vanishes unexpectedly. Listeners are invited to ponder the meaning and story behind each sound. And they get to play detective along with Audie and Hunch, who go on a mission to track down the elusive Sound Swindler. He’s the one stealing these sounds.

What’s so special about the sounds chosen for the podcast? “They are ordinary sounds,” Burton told TIME for Kids. “But they all hold significant meaning for someone.”


Joanna Sokolowski is one of Sound Detectives’ two creators. “We aimed to select sounds from various parts of the world to create an enjoyable way to learn about new places [and] encounter interesting people,” she says.

Julia Smith is the show’s other creator. “I hope listeners can reflect on the significance of everyday sounds, thinking and wondering about why they happen and what they mean,” she says. “The podcast might also give [listeners] new and interesting ways to solve problems.”

Sound Detectives turns everyday noises into wild adventures, from the creak of a door to the rustle of leaves to the crunch of a garbage truck. The podcast provides a delightful opportunity for listeners to engage their imaginations with the world around them.

With its blend of education and entertainment, Sound Detectives is a must-listen for curious people of all ages who are eager to explore the hidden stories behind the sounds of our everyday world.