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Wish Upon a Star


The magical new movie Wish celebrates Walt Disney’s 100th anniversary. It also reimagines what it means to “wish upon a star.”

Asha is the movie’s sharp-witted and adventurous protagonist. She senses evil lurking in the Kingdom of Rosas, where she lives. She makes a passionate wish to the night sky. Her wish is answered by Star, a ball of boundless energy. Together, Asha and Star confront King Magnifico. Corrupted by his hunger for power, he controls the people of Rosas by refusing to grant them what they wish for.

Wish asks important questions: Who owns wishes? Can wishes be granted by some powerful figure or magical force? What truly inspires us? The film contains references to iconic Disney characters, including Bambi, the Evil Queen, Peter Pan, and many more. Adventure with Asha and Star as they join a galaxy of Disney stars.

Wish arrived in theaters on November 22.