Gone Bananas

Team travel coordinators get players where they need to be.
By Rachel MacPherson
image of white woman in yellow polo shirt with Savannah Bananas team logo
Brynnan Norris started her career with the Savannah Bananas as a college intern. In 2023, she joined the team full-time.

Did you know that when your favorite sports team travels for a game, it’s someone’s job to make sure they get from point A to point B without a hitch? That's what Brynnan Norris does for the Savannah Bananas baseball team. 

Although Norris is a lifelong sports fan and travel lover, it took her a while to connect her two interests. But her knack for planning and organization, and her desire to craft unforgettable experiences for fans, led her to an exciting career as a sports team travel coordinator. Your Hot Job spoke to Norris about her career. 

“The best part of my job is providing a seamless travel experience for our staff, cast, and baseball teams. If I can make their travel days easy, that is a huge win in my book.”

Norris grew up in Andover, Kansas, and was crazy about sports, especially college football. But she never expected to fall head over heels for working with a sports team. At first, she planned events and managed ticket sales. Now, she thrives on creating a smooth travel experience for Savannah Bananas players and staff. 

The team is owned by Fans First Entertainment, which also runs the Party Animals, the Bananas’ frequent rivals. Players are also entertainers who transform a game with dancing, zany stunts, and high-energy showmanship. Norris knows how much effort everyone puts into delivering an incredible show for fans, and she has fun doing her part for the ultimate fan experience.

A young fan leads the Savannah Bananas and spectators in a dance routine before a game against the Party Animals on August 12, 2023, in New York City.

“‘Always keep an open mind and heart’ is one of the biggest lessons I learned throughout college.”

During college at Kansas State University, Norris did internships to gain real-world experience in event planning. Then, in the summer of 2021, she participated in what she describes as an unforgettable internship with the Savannah Bananas. She worked as a group-ticket and hospitality intern, and met lots of dedicated Bananas fans. She had a blast, and this inspired her to make each fan’s experience the best it could be.

“I have always loved to travel, and sports have had a massive impact on my life. I learned I could combine those two passions into a full-time career.”

In 2022, Norris graduated from Kansas State with a degree in hospitality management. Remembering how much fun she had with the Bananas crew, she reached out to team management to see if there were any full-time job opportunities. Unfortunately, there was nothing available. But Norris kept in touch with the person in charge of hiring and, over time, that person would become a trusted friend and mentor.

Eventually, Norris got a job as an event sales coordinator for a restaurant focused on pickleball, private events, and family fun. She collaborated with hundreds of people in that role, planning events such as birthday parties and retirement celebrations. That gave her lots of valuable experience. 

And it wasn’t long before the Savannah Bananas got back in touch. They asked Norris to return full-time. In June of 2023, she became the team’s travel and accommodations coordinator. The job keeps her busy. Of the 84 events on the team’s 2024 schedule, 61 are “away” games.

Brynnan’s journey shows how merging your unique abilities with your interests can lead to a satisfying career. If you’re passionate about sports and working with people, the industry has numerous opportunities, from marketing, ticketing, field operations and maintenance, broadcasting, and beyond.