Real Talk with Juliet Markowitz

A concierge ensures an excellent stay for hotel guests.
By Alice Knisley-Matthias
A smiling woman wearing a blazer and a name tag that says “Juliet.”
Juliet Markowitz is a concierge at the Plaza, a luxury hotel in New York City.

“Welcome to the Plaza!”

Juliet Markowitz, concierge, is at the front desk in the lobby and ready to greet you at the world-famous hotel in New York City. (You might know it as the fancy hotel where Kevin McCallister stays during his holiday adventure in the movie Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.) 

Located near New York’s Central Park, the Plaza Hotel opened on October 1, 1907. It has 282 guest rooms and suites.

A concierge is a trained professional who can answer guests’ questions and help them with plans as they explore their travel destination. Do you need tickets for a Broadway show? A reservation for afternoon tea at the hotel’s iconic Palm Court? Markowitz takes care of anything you need when you’re a guest at the Plaza.

Your Hot Job spoke to Markowitz to learn about her career.

How did you find your career path to becoming a concierge? 

The idea of the hotel industry captured my interest due to its exciting nature. I began my journey in a luxury hotel with only 65 rooms. (The Plaza has 282.) My role there included front-desk duties, reservations, and concierge responsibilities.  

What is a workday like for you?

My workdays are fast-paced and demanding. I assist guests in preparing for their stays, with email, phone calls, and in-person interactions. We’re located in the front of the lobby, and the concierge desk is always busy. People know the Plaza as a historic landmark, and it’s famous from many movies. The atmosphere is far from boring!

Guests at the Plaza can stay in the Eloise Suite, a bubble-gum pink room inspired by the Eloise series of children’s books.

What has been an unusual or memorable day for you, and why? 

One remarkable day in my professional experience was when we hosted a Make-A-Wish Child at our hotel. His dream was to recreate a day in the life of Kevin McCallister at the Plaza hotel. Two of our team members wore costumes like the Sticky Bandits. Our guest explored the hotel before going on a city tour in a private limousine, complete with an extra-large cheese pizza!  The joy expressed by the child and his family made it a truly unforgettable day for the entire team at the Plaza. 

What’s the most unusual request you have taken care of for a guest? 

One standout request was finding a gluten-free, dairy-free, and tomato sauce–free pizza for a family's limousine ride, to be delivered in an hour! Another memorable request involved finding a dunk tank, like they use at carnival games, for a guest. We had to call many different places to find one to deliver a huge tank the same day.

Is there a mentor who helped you in your career? 

An important mentor for me has been our former chief concierge, Raphael Pallais. He stressed hard work and improvement. He encouraged each team member to become an expert in their areas of interest. Raphael helped me to focus on theater and restaurants, pursue ongoing education, and learn foreign languages.  

What’s the best advice you have received related to your career? 

The most valuable advice I’ve received is to listen to the guests and don’t rush. It’s important to get complete information in order to deliver excellent service. My mentor told me, “The burden of communication is always on the concierge.” 

What guidance do you have for a kid who’s interested in being a concierge? 

You should have a curiosity for learning and exploring, and an interest in providing helpful information. The role of a concierge helps create lasting memories for people through exciting and enjoyable experiences.