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We Love Bugs

Kristie Reddick (above, left) and Jessica Honaker use nets to catch bugs. They catch grasshoppers and other insects. Would you like to hold a bug? PETER BLANCHARD

Kristie Reddick is a bug scientist. So is her friend Jessica Honaker. Together, they are the Bug Chicks. They study insects and spiders. They teach people what they know.

The Bug Chicks go on adventures. They travel around the world. Reddick once went to Kenya. That’s in Africa. She found a camel spider. It was new to scientists. She got to name it. How did Reddick know it was new? “I had to look closely at the hairs on its ankle bones,” she told TIME for Kids.

Reddick and Honaker think bugs are great. But not all people agree. The Bug Chicks have a tip for people who are scared of insects. “Most bugs are harmless,” Reddick says. “If you are afraid of a bug, learn about it. Learning real facts will help you be less afraid.”