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My Cool Job

February 24, 2023

What catches your eye when you’re shopping for new shoes? That’s what Cheresse Thornhill-Goldson wants to know. She’s a sneaker designer. She has designed footwear for athletes and many others. Now she mentors students to follow in her footsteps. …



Let's Dance

December 17, 2021

People dance all over the world. There are many different styles. Look at the photos of dances below and read about where they come from. Tango is a ballroom dance. That means it’s a dance with specific moves for partners.…



Back Onstage

September 10, 2021

Live theater in New York City was hit hard by the pandemic. Many Broadway theaters were set to reopen in September. Some used the time off to make big changes. One group wants to make Broadway more diverse. It is…


State of the Art

March 11, 2021

Artists use tools. A painter might use a brush. A sculptor might use a chisel or saw. Lately, some artists have been using computers. These machines help them create surprising new works. Here are three of those artists. Creative Robots…


How to Write Funny

October 15, 2020

Theresa Julian wrote The Joke Machine. It is a book about how to write jokes. Here are three of her tips and some examples. Study them. Then write a few jokes of your own. Surprise your audience. All jokes are…


Kid's Eye View

March 12, 2020

What will Earth look like in 30 years? We asked kids to draw an answer to that question. Here are a few of their drawings. What do you see? We also got letters from kids who are doing things to…


World of Dance

March 6, 2020

Dance is an important part of South Korean culture. Here are three traditional dances. BuchaeChum is a fan dance. Dancers hold big fans with flowers on them. They wave and turn the fans. They wear colorful clothing called hanbok. Nongak…


Cave Art

February 21, 2020

Some caves are full of art. Thousands of years ago, humans drew on their walls. Cave art can teach us something about people who lived long ago. Take a look. Magura Cave, Bulgaria These paintings show scenes of hunting, dancing,…