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Money Matters


People use money to pay for things. There are many different ways to do this. Long ago, people used animals and objects to pay. Today, people use smartphones and other methods. Which of these ways to pay have you seen?

Spend Cash


This girl is paying with cash. Cash comes in paper bills and metal coins. Each type of bill or coin is worth worth MAOGG—GETTY IMAGES valued at (preposition) A quarter is worth 25 cents. a different amount.

Use a Card


People can pay with a credit card. Credit cards let people borrow borrow IMAGE SOURCE/GETTY IMAGES to take and use something before returning it to the owner (verb) My brother asked to borrow my favorite sweater. money from a bank. They need to pay it back later.

Write a Check


You can pay with a check. It is a piece of paper that you fill out and give to someone. The money will come out of your bank account. Don’t forget to sign sign HARPAZO_HOPE—GETTY IMAGES to write your name on something (verb) When Frankie broke her arm, she let her friends sign the cast. your name!

Tap Your Phone


Some people pay with a smartphone. It’s like using a credit card. People can tap their phone at a store’s register. This transfers transfer CLASSEN RAFAEL—EYEEM/GETTY IMAGES to move something from one place to another (verb) When your pet fish gets bigger, you should transfer it to a bigger bowl. the money. Easy!

Did You Know?

Some stores no longer accept cash. You can pay with a credit card or a phone. Do you think that one day, we won’t use cash at all?