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Should Summer Reading Be Required?


Reading is fun! But should it be required? Many kids are assigned books to read over the summer. Some people say summer reading keeps kids’ minds sharp. Others say kids need a break. TIME for Kids readers weigh in.


You’re on break. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t learn. Books can teach you anything and everything. You can learn new words or get inspired to create your own book! —Alexandra Kotsinis, 10, Westfield, New Jersey

Summer vacation is usually three months long. This means there is a long learning gap before the next school year. This time can be used to read. And it can prevent learning loss. —Simran Adnani, 7, Troy, Michigan

Yes, summer reading should be required. It’s something fun that can replace screen time. —Kauther Haque, 10, Milton, Ontario, Canada


If summer reading is not required, more kids will spend their time playing outside. This is a very healthy lifestyle to develop. —Aahil Bhagyaraj, 10, Chattanooga, Tennessee

We already have nine months of reading in school. Why do we have to read during our three months of freedom? —Ansley MacLeod, 11, Denver, Colorado

Summertime is a time for kids to relax, go outside, and enjoy just being a kid. —Pallavi Shah, 11, Scotch Plains, New Jersey

Kids have activities planned for the summer, such as camp. So they won’t have time for extra reading. —Naftali Bochner, 10, Bronx, New York