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Staying Healthy

Some public spaces, like this park in New Jersey, are closed to slow the spread of the new virus. GARY HERSHORN—GETTY IMAGES

A new virus is going around. It’s called the coronavirus. People around the world are working together to stop its spread.

Everyone is doing their part to help. Doctors and nurses are caring for the sick. Scientists are working on treatments and cures. Leaders are coming up with plans to protect their citizens. And many people are staying home.

Grocery stores are still open, so people are able to stock up on food. Police and firefighters are still on the job. They are keeping our communities safe. Post offices are still sending out mail and packages. And pharmacies are making sure people get the medicines they need.

You Are Helping, Too!

Have you been staying home from school? If so, you’re helping to keep the virus from spreading. The virus can be spread through droplets from coughs and sneezes. It can also be spread through contact with surfaces where it sits. Staying away from others helps keep people healthy. By learning from home, you’re doing your part.

Staying away from others isn’t easy. But you can stay connected. Talk with a friend by phone or video. Ask how he or she is doing. See how you can help out a parent or sibling.

It’s also an important time for taking good care of yourself. Go outside and get fresh air. Find ways to stay active. Try a new art project. Read a book or write in a journal. Share your feelings with family and friends. We can all work together!