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Bats in Danger


There are many species of bats. Tricolored bats and northern long-eared bats are two. The United States Fish and Wildlife Service has been working on plans to protect them. That’s because of a disease. It’s called white-nose syndrome. White-nose syndrome is caused by a fungus fungus JASON SAVELSBERG—500PX/GETTY IMAGES a type of life that includes mold and mushrooms (noun) You can find different species of fungus in damp places. . It shows up on a bat’s nose and wings. It looks like fuzz. The fungus is known to affect only bats.

These bats are affected by white-nose syndrome. The fungus looks like white fuzz.


Searching for Solutions

There is currently no cure for white-nose syndrome. But scientists are working on strategies to help bats survive. There’s a study from 2018.

This scientist is studying little brown bats with white-nose syndrome.


It found that a certain kind of light can kill the fungus. Researchers are also testing a fungus-fighting substance. It can be sprayed where bats hibernate. Scientists are working on a vaccine vaccine PHYNART STUDIO/GETTY IMAGES a medicine given to protect against a disease (noun) She went to the doctor's office to get a vaccine. , too. “Bats are cool,” wildlife biologist Jeremy Coleman told TIME for Kids. They’re not just a spooky Halloween symbol. “They’re an important part of the environment,” he says. “We need to be aware of them.”