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Building Buzz


Ehrman Crest is a school in Pennsylvania. Its grand opening was in August. The school was on TIME magazine’s list of best inventions. It has an innovative innovative creative; inventive (adjective) A self-driving car is an innovative idea. design. Adults and students worked on it together.

Designing Together

Adults made decisions about the basics. Then kids shared ideas in “visioning sessions.” They were given lots of different materials. There were pine cones and a plastic flamingo. “Kids were grabbing these things and creating their own storyboards,” Michael Corb says. He’s with the architecture architecture having to do with designing buildings (noun) Her interest in building with blocks led to an architecture career. firm CannonDesign. Kids liked calming colors. And they wanted the environment to be fun.

Students take part in a “visioning session” to design their dream school.


The result is a school with the excitement of a children’s museum. There are mathematical patterns on the floor. There are magnetic maps on the walls. Ryan Bonicky teaches at the school. “There’s definitely a buzz going around,” he says. “Kids are excited.”

Learning happens in the halls, on the walls, and in group spaces at Ehrman Crest.


Tracy Vitale is the superintendent of the school district. “I think the lesson learned here is ‘Listen to children.’”