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Cicadas on the Way

These cicadas emerged from the ground three years ago, in 2021. CHIP SOMODEVILLA—GETTY IMAGES

More than a trillion cicadas are coming to the United States. Many people find their loud buzz annoying. But don’t worry! Cicadas are harmless to humans. They don’t sting or bite.

Cicadas are flying insects. They have red eyes. For most of their life, they live underground. When they’re old enough, they make their way out. But they don’t live long after that. Once they emerge, they only live four to six weeks.

Two kinds of cicadas are expected to come up from the ground this spring. Brood XIX appears every 13 years. Brood XIII shows up every 17 years. This year, they will overlap. People in the Midwest and Southeast are likely to see them. These people can expect a noisy spring season. Buzz!