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Making Meat


Meat grown in a lab starts with a cow. It ends up similar to a regular burger. But making it is harmless to the animal. Mosa Meat is one company growing beef. Learn about the steps below.

1. Cells are collected.

A cell sample is collected. The sample is the size of a peppercorn. A sample this size can produce 80,000 burgers.

2. Cells are given nutrients.

The cell sample is put into a growth medium. The temperature of the cells is controlled. Cells are given oxygen and vitamins. The cells multiply into trillions.

3. Cells grow into tissue.

The cells join together into muscle fibers. Fibers are placed in a gel to continue growing. One sample can grow 800 million strands of muscle tissue.

4. Tissue reaches maturity.

Muscle tissue matures. It is combined with fat tissue. Then it’s ready to use.