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Return of the Grizzlies


Do grizzly bears still need special protection?


Grizzly bears have nearly disappeared from most of the United States. But they are making a comeback in and around Yellowstone National Park. By 1975, fewer than 140 grizzlies lived there. Now there are about 700. For this reason, the U.S. government says the bears should be taken off the endangered endanger MARK NEWMAN—GETTY IMAGES in danger of dying out forever ( ) Because of special protection, bald eagles are no longer endangered. -species list.

Not everyone agrees. Some say the bears still face challenges. The loss of important food sources is one. Trout and elk have become harder to find.

Tourists watch a grizzly mother and cub cross a road in Yellowstone National Park.


But the biggest challenge is hunting. If taken off the list, the bears would still be protected in Yellowstone. But states near the park plan to allow hunting.

Kerry Gunther works for the National Park Service. He says the bears are ready to come off the list. But he says states must make plans to protect them. He calls their comeback a “conservation conservation VCG/GETTY IMAGES the protection of natural resources or species ( ) Because of conservation efforts, there are more pandas in the world. success story.” Whether or not that story has a happy ending remains to be seen.


Do you agree that grizzlies are a “conservation success story”?