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Little Lizard

An adult male nano-chameleon sits on a fingertip. Scientists think it might be the smallest reptile on Earth. FRANK GLAW—ZOOLOGISCHE STAATSSAMMLUNG MUNCHEN/AFP

Scientists have discovered what may be the smallest reptile on Earth. The species is called Brookesia nana. It’s also known as a nano-chameleon. It lives in the rainforest in northern Madagascar. The finding was published in the journal Scientific Reports.

Researchers found two of the tiny chameleons. The male is less than an inch long. It fits on a fingertip. The female is a bit larger. Chameleons are in trouble because of deforestation. But Oliver Hawlitschek says the chameleon’s habitat has been recently placed under protection. He’s a biologist at the Center of Natural History. That’s in Hamburg, Germany. “The species will survive,” he says.