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Messi in Miami


Lionel Messi is a famous soccer player. He led Argentina to a World Cup win in 2022. He played in France for the 2022–2023 season. Then he shocked the world. In June 2023, he made an announcement. He joined Inter Miami, in America.

Messi holds the trophy after the Argentina wins the World Cup in 2022.


Messi’s first game with Inter Miami was on July 21, 2023. At the end, he got a free kick. The ball flew around the other team and into the net. Game over!

More than 20,000 fans were there. Millions watched on TV. “You couldn’t have written it better,” David Beckham said. He’s a co-owner of Inter Miami. The moment brought him to tears.

Soccer Nation

American audiences are excited to see Messi play. Attendance at Inter Miami games has jumped higher than ever.

Messi celebrates his game-winning goal at his first Inter Miami game on July 21, 2023.


Soccer is becoming more popular in America. The United States will host three big international tournaments in the next three years. With Messi’s arrival, soccer is sure to attract even more fans of all ages in the U.S.