The Peanut Solution

February 22, 2019
HOPE IS HERE A new treatment may protect kids with peanut allergies.

Nearly 2 million kids in the United States are allergic to peanuts. Brett Treichel, 13, is one of them. For Brett and others who are allergic, even a tiny bit of peanut can be dangerous. “I have to be careful for life,” Brett told TFK.

Allergic to peanuts? Exposure can cause the throat to swell. This can make it hard to breathe.


A New Treatment

Help could be on the way. A new treatment is being developed. It will help children who are allergic tolerate peanuts. A child is given a tiny bit of peanut powder. For most kids, this will not cause a bad reaction. More powder is added. This is done a little at a time. The goal is to increase the amount of peanut that a kid can handle.

Kids with a peanut allergy have to be careful about what they eat and even who they sit with at lunch.


The treatment isn’t a cure for peanut allergies. But experts hope it will help kids avoid a life-threatening reaction. “It gives peace of mind to kids and parents,” says Sayantani Sindher. She is a researcher who worked on the treatment. “It improves their quality of life.”

WARNING: Don’t try this treatment at home. It must be done under a doctor’s care.