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Sports for Everyone

These fencers are preparing for the 2024 Paralympics, in Paris. JULIEN DE ROSA—AFP/GETTY IMAGES

The Paralympic Games will take place this summer in Paris. They’ll begin on August 28. These games are for athletes with disabilities. Athletes will come from 184 nations.

The Paralympics began in England in 1948. Ludwig Guttman, a doctor, held games for his patients. He got the idea from the Olympics. The Games were taking place in London, England, that year.

Guttman’s patients were military veterans. They all used wheelchairs. They competed in archery and netball, which is a little like basketball. This was inspiring to other people with disabilities.

The concept grew. It became the Stoke Mandeville Games. An international competition took place every year, starting in 1952. In 1960, the competition began taking place every four years. Usually, they were held in the same city as the Olympics.

The International Paralympic Committee was formed in 1989. The Paralympics are always held in the same year as the Olympic Games.