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Taylor on Tour

Taylor Swift performs for a crowd of thousands in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on November 9. TAS2023/GETTY IMAGES

Taylor Swift is a pop superstar. On December 7, she was named the 2023 TIME Person of the Year.

Swift had a huge 2023. She did a series of concerts called the Eras Tour. It broke records. And the movie version of her tour was a hit too. “This is the proudest and happiest I’ve ever felt,” Swift says.

An Epic Tour

Swift performed 66 concerts on her Eras Tour in 2023. It’s the first concert tour to make more than a billion dollars. Politicians asked Swift to come to their countries.

When Swift goes to a city, hotels get more visitors. So do restaurants. The Eras Tour began in Glendale, Arizona. Businesses there made more money than during the Super Bowl. It was also held there in 2023.

Swift’s concert film came out in October. For the premiere, she packed 13 theaters with fans. She thanked them for coming. She sat with them. Then she sang along. And she danced in her seat.