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You Can Protect Bees!


Habitat loss is one of the biggest threats to bees. They need places where they can find food and build their hives. They need flowers and trees. And many bees build their nests underground. Their babies grow up there and come out in the spring.

How can you create safe places for bees?

One way is to plant trees. Bees feed on tree blossoms in the spring. They use the leaves to build their nests. And trees are good places for bees to hide. Be sure to plant native trees. These are the trees that naturally grow in the area. That way, the bees will feel right at home.

You can also plant a flower garden. Choose flowers that blossom at different times. The more colorful, the better. Leave some of the dirt bare, to allow bees to build ground nests. If you don’t have a lot of space, a flowerpot will do. Or a window box. And put the sprays away! Pesticides are harmful to bees.

Don’t have a green thumb?

There are other ways to protect bees. Buy only local honey. This will support the beekeepers in your area. And learn everything you can about bees. Show others how much you care. Let’s work together to save these creatures that do so much for us.