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Your Hero Story

Try imagining yourself as a hero on a journey. It'll do you good. ILLUSTRATION BY YOGYSIC—GETTY IMAGES

What do Luke Skywalker, Mulan, and Harry Potter have in common? Their stories follow the hero’s journey. That is when someone goes on an adventure and overcomes a crisis. That experience changes the hero for the better.

You could be the hero of your own story. You just have to imagine your life as a hero’s journey. Research suggests it could make you happier and healthier. Here is what experts recommend.

Rewrite Your Story

Telling a story can influence how you feel about yourself. First, imagine yourself as a hero. Ask yourself: What are my best traits? Think about one of your favorite characters in a movie or book. How are you similar to them? What heroic qualities do you share?

Then go on an adventure. You don’t have to leave home. Overcoming a fear can be an adventure. So can trying something new. Remember, new and challenging experiences are part of the journey.