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Mission of the Month: Boost Literacy

Join a community of kids who are making the world a better and brighter place. TFK Service Stars know that even the smallest actions can make a big impact.

Mission of the Month

Reading, writing, and speaking are important skills. Without consistent access to literacy education and materials, such as books, people miss out on the chance to learn and communicate with words. We’re looking to feature kids who are aiding literacy efforts in their community. Could you be one of them? From organizing book drives to participating in tutoring groups, every effort matters.

Need Inspiration?

  • Start a book drive at your school. What types of books will you collect? Where will you donate them?

  • If you have a friend or schoolmate who’s struggling with reading and writing, ask how you can help.

  • Write letters to local leaders asking them to do more to promote literacy in your community. What groups or events need more attention and funding?

  • Ask a school or public librarian for information about the library’s literacy programs. Is there a way you can support these efforts?

  • Know multiple languages? Read a book with someone who wants to learn one of them.

Stars Shine Brighter Together

Reading to young children helps them develop strong literacy skills. Plus, it’s fun! Ask a teacher for permission to visit a classroom of younger students. Have your classmates help you select fun books that you can read aloud. It’s story time!

Need help getting started? Talk to an adult or pair up with a friend to find an idea that feels right for you.

Tell Us About It!

We want to hear all about your efforts to boost literacy. Share your story with us at for a chance to be featured in TIME for Kids.