Kids Making a Difference

We’re shining a light on young people who are doing ordinary and extraordinary things to impact the world around them. Know someone who we should consider for a future Kid of the Month article? Submit their story to the editors for consideration.

Civic Engagement

Kid of the Month: Kason Creed

Kason Creed, 9, spoke up at city council meetings about the need for inclusive play spaces in his community. If you want to inspire change, Kason says, “you need to just go for it.”


Kid of the Month: Jordyn Perez

Jordyn Perez, 15, doesn't want birthday presents. Instead, she asks for gifts she can donate to kids in a children's hospital. “Seeing other people’s happiness—that’s all that matters to me,” Jordyn says.


Kid of the Month: Joy Kuchar

Joy Kuchar, 10, and her classmates are raising money to protect their school courtyard from the invasive lanternfly. "When I decided to involve other students," Joy says, "I was amazed at how our progress increased.”

Food Insecurity

Kid of the Month: DeJuan Strickland

DeJuan Strickland is tackling food insecurity by helping families pay for school meals. “The fact that I’ve been able to impact people’s lives in a positive way gives me a really good feeling,” he says.


Kid of the Month: Sammie Vance

Sammie Vance, 14, is a community activist. She started a buddy bench program at her school in the third grade. Now she helps other schools set up buddy benches. “You don’t have to be an adult to make a difference,” she says.

Animal Welfare

Kid of the Month: Nirvaan Agarwal

Nirvaan Agarwal, 12, is an animal-rights advocate. Since he was 3, he’s been on a mission to stop the mistreatment of animals. “It’s never too early to help animals,” says Nirvaan, “or any cause.”