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Food Safety

BURGER ALERT A recent salmonella outbreak is believed to be caused by ground beef. WESTEND61—GETTY IMAGES

A November 1 report by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) lists 10 cases of salmonella across six states in recent months. Eight people have been hospitalized, and one has died. Symptoms of salmonella can include fever and stomach cramps. The illness can last a week. Most people get better without treatment.

The CDC says the salmonella outbreak outbreak YASSER CHALID—GETTY IMAGES a sudden increase in the occurrence of a disease (noun) There was a chickenpox outbreak at Jordan's school. is probably caused by ground beef. But the source of the meat containing the salmonella bacteria has not yet been found.“Ill people report eating different types and brands of ground beef purchased from many different locations,” according to the CDC.

At press time, the CDC and the United States Department of Agriculture were still investigating the outbreak. The CDC had not asked stores to stop selling ground beef. The agency says it’s safe for people to eat meat that has been thoroughly thoroughly HERO IMAGES—GETTY IMAGES completely (adjective) When Kerry was accused of cheating on a test, the teacher thoroughly investigated. cooked. Eating raw or undercooked ground beef is not recommended.

The CDC says you should always wash your hands with soap and water “for at least 20 seconds after touching raw meat.” Surfaces that may have come in contact with raw meat should be cleaned with “hot, soapy water.”

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