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Meet Our Kid Reporters

We have a great crew! Read about the 2021–2022 team of TFK Kid Reporters. Look for their articles this school year.

Bellen Woodard, 11

Leesburg, Virginia

Bellen created a line of crayons in diverse skin colors.

Creedence Peterson, 12

New York, New York

Creedence is a movie fan. He likes building Lego sets.

David Murtagh, 11

Alexandria, Virginia

David’s prized possession is an old record player.

Ethan Zhang, 9

McLean, Virginia

Ethan has published a poem about basketball.

Gabri Blankson, 11

Lewisville, Texas

Gabri spends her free time making YouTube videos of different crafts.

Gitanjali Rao, 15

Lone Tree, Colorado

Last year, Gitanjali was TIME magazine’s 2020 Kid of the Year.

Ian McKenna, 17

Austin, Texas

Ian is an activist. He gardens to feed the hungry.

Jordan Reeves, 15

Columbia, Missouri

Jordan helps people with limb differences.

Lauryn Chew, 13

Irvine, California

Lauryn likes dancing, Rollerblading, and reading historical fiction.

Lucy Sandor, 10

Caldwell, New Jersey

Lucy enjoys skateboarding and reading mystery books.

Orlie Weitzman, 12

Chicago, Illinois

Orlie created a magazine that has more than 100 subscribers.

Ronak Bhatt, 11

Alpharetta, Georgia

Ronak wants to be a cardiologist one day.

Tabitha Kho, 11

Atlanta, Georgia

Tabitha wrote a poem that is displayed at a national park.

Tyler Gordon, 15

San Jose, California

Tyler is an artist. He has painted portraits of many public figures.

Via Ryerson, 9

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Via and her chess team won a state tournament.