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TFK Reads: Greystone Secrets: The Strangers


Greystone Secrets: The Strangers is the first book in a new series from author Margaret Peterson Haddix. The story opens with a mystery, and takes many twists and turns as it races toward a conclusion.

The Strangers is one of TFK’s 10 recommended reads for this summer. After we made our picks, we handed them off to our team of TFK Kid Reporters to get their take. Here, TFK Kid Reporter Tiana Sirmans shares her review.

We’ll be posting reviews each Tuesday, all summer long. Check back next week to read about My Corner of the Ring, by Jesselyn Silva.

Line Break

The Strangers is about three siblings named Finn, Emma, and Chess Greystone. One day, they come home from school and see a news report about three kidnapped children from Arizona.

The kidnapped children, whose last name is Gustano, look like the Greystone kids. And they have the same first and middle names, ages, and birth dates as the Greystones.

Then the Greystone kids’ mom also goes missing. The story follows Finn, Emma, and Chess on their journey to find their mother and the Gustano kids.

I think kids, tweens, teens, and anyone who likes a good mystery would enjoy this book. I would rate The Strangers a 10 out of 10. A complete 10! It took me through so many emotional moments as I read it. I was happy, sad, nervous, and excited. I can’t wait to read it again!