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TFK Reads: To Fly Among the Stars


Looking for a good book this summer? TIME for Kids is here to help. Our editors selected 10 of the most exciting books of the season. Then we handed them off to our team of TFK Kid Reporters to get their opinions. Here, TFK Kid Reporter Eshaan Mani reviews To Fly Among the Stars by Rebecca Siegel.

We'll be posting more reviews all summer. Check back next week for another great summer page-turner.

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In this nonfiction book, author Rebecca Siegel writes about the real history of women in aviation. She focuses on the mid-20th-century space race. Siegel describes how talented female pilots were repeatedly denied opportunities to explore the new frontier of space.

To Fly Among the Stars is an amazing experience for any science or space lover. The book taught me a lot about 1960s gender norms and the history of the space race.