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Seeing Both Sides

January 31, 2020

The narrator of Sunnyside Plaza is 19-year-old Sally Miyake. She lives at Sunnyside Plaza, a group home for people with developmental disabilities. Sal has trouble understanding some things, but she has many gifts. “I can’t read,” she explains, “but I…

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Iggy's World

January 24, 2020

Nine-year-old Iggy Frangi isn’t afraid to be himself. He has a lot of great ideas, even if they don’t always go according to plan. The Best of Iggy is about the misadventures of this mischievous boy. Author Annie Barrows calls…

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What's She Building in There?

January 17, 2020

Penny Rose is new in town. She has no friends, and spends most of her time in a shed in the backyard. There, she plays around with tools and junk parts to create her own robots. One day, she stumbles…

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Rising Reporter

January 10, 2020

In Cub, Cindy just wants the seventh-grade bullies to leave her alone. So she pretends to be boring, hoping they won’t notice her. That begins to change when Cindy gets the opportunity of a lifetime: She becomes a cub reporter,…

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TFK Reads: Pavi Sharma's Guide to Going Home

January 2, 2020

Pavi Sharma’s Guide to Going Home, by Bridget Farr, is about a girl who has become an expert on foster care. After staying in several different foster homes, she’s now living with a wonderful, loving family. She uses her experience…

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TFK Reads: My Life as an Ice Cream Sandwich

December 23, 2019

The main character in My Life as an Ice Cream Sandwich is named Ebony-Grace Norfleet Freeman. But in the imaginary world she’s created in her mind, she goes by E-Grace Starfleet. My Life as an Ice Cream Sandwich, by Ibi…

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TFK Reads: Free Lunch

December 19, 2019

Free Lunch is a memoir, or an autobiographical story about one part of the author’s life. It’s about author Rex Ogle’s experience at home and at school during the first semester of sixth grade. Free Lunch is one of TFK’s…

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TFK Reads: The Big Book of Monsters

December 16, 2019

Monsters are universal. You can find them in stories from every culture. The Big Book of Monsters: The Creepiest Creatures from Classic Literature, by Hal Johnson and Tim Sievert, brings some of the world’s scariest monster stories together in one…

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TFK Reads: Allies

December 12, 2019

Allies, by Alan Gratz, is a work of historical fiction. It pieces together the perspectives of several characters to tell the story of D-Day. On that day, in 1944, one of the most important military invasions in history happened. Allies…

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TFK Reads: More to the Story

December 9, 2019

More to the Story, by Hena Khan, is a modern-day retelling of the classic novel Little Women, which was first published in 1868. This version is about four Pakistani-American sisters living in Atlanta. More to the Story is one of…