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Climate in Court

April 13, 2018

Levi Draheim lives in Satellite Beach, Florida. It’s warm year-round there, and Levi, 10, spends most of his time outside. He often walks from his house to the beach to go swimming and boogie boarding. But when Levi grows up,…


Goodbye to Glitter?

April 13, 2018

Want to help clean up the ocean? Then you might want to say goodbye to glitter. That’s what 19 preschools in the United Kingdom did last year. Now scientists are exploring the idea of a bigger ban to help reduce…

Disaster's Cost

January 19, 2018

Monster hurricanes. Ferocious wildfires. They helped make 2017 the costliest year ever for weather 
disasters in the United States. Last year, the nation was hit by 16 disasters that each topped $1 billion in 
damages. The total cost came to…

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Troubled Waters

October 17, 2017

Plastic can be found in almost everything. That includes toys, food containers, and car parts. Most plastic can—and should—be recycled. Instead, it often is thrown away. Much of this plastic trash ends up in the oceans. It gets there mainly…

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The Battle for Coral Reefs

April 14, 2017

Half of the world’s coral reefs have died in the last 30 years. The fight to save the remaining reefs just got more complicated. New research shows that even if people succeed in protecting reefs from pollution and overfishing, global…

United States

Outdoor Adventure

April 15, 2016

A praying mantis, an abandoned baby bird, blooming daffodils. Students and teachers at Glenwood Landing Elementary, in Glen Head, New York, never know what will turn up in the school’s outdoor classroom. The discoveries lead to engaging lessons. “They allow…