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Feeling the Heat


Summer is just around the corner! In the summer, days are longer and temperatures temperature a measurement of how hot or cold something is (noun) The temperature today is 5º warmer than yesterday. are higher. When you spend time outside, you will experience the hot weather. There are many ways your body reacts to heat and sun. Read about the effects below.

One way your body cools off is with sweat (above). Sweat leaves your skin through your pores. As the water evaporates, it cools you down. But sweat also takes water from your body. Make sure to hydrate if you are sweating.

The sun’s rays cause your skin to darken. This is called a suntan. But be careful when spending a lot of time outside. Too much sun is harmful. Cover up with clothes or stay in the shade. This can protect you.


A sunburn can happen if you get too much sun. The sun’s rays can damage your skin. It turns hot and red. Ouch! Sunscreen can prevent this. SPF stands for sun protection factor. Look for SPF 30 or higher.


Too much time in the heat can cause heat exhaustion. You might feel tired and weak. You might be clammy or have a fever or headache. Heat exhaustion exhaustion a loss of energy; tiredness (noun) After gym class, I had a feeling of exhaustion. can be dangerous. Find someplace cool. Drink plenty of water.