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Should Schools Have Mental Health Days?


Schools protect kids’ mental mental CAMILLE TOKERUD PHOTOGRAPHY INC./GETTY IMAGES having to do with the mind (adjective) Walking is good for a person's mental health. health in many ways. In some states, schools let students take days off for mental health. Do you think schools should offer mental health days? Some kids say yes. They think mental health days give kids time to rest. This helps with mental well-being. Other kids say no. They worry kids will not use mental health days wisely. They think the time off will have a negative effect. TIME for Kids asked readers to share their opinions. Read this issue to learn what six of them had to say. 


Sofia Ascencio, 10

Los Angeles, California

Schools should give kids days off for mental health. At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, students were away from friends and family. Now they are back in school. Many have feelings of depression and anxiety anxiety FATCAMERA—GETTY IMAGES a feeling of worry or nervousness (noun) After studying for a week, Kate felt less anxiety about the big exam. . This is because of the load of schoolwork.

Mental health days would help students relax. Then they would be able to come to school ready to learn.


Johnny Gabel, 9

St. Louis, Missouri

I do not think schools should give students days off for mental health. Many parents have to go to work. If students get too many days off, they might get left home too much. This could make some mental health issues worse. Some kids have serious mental health challenges. Those students could take breaks between subjects. And there could be mental health services for them.


Jeremin Roy Itticheria, 10

Des Plaines, Illinois

Stress is increasing in kids for many reasons. These include COVID-19, climate change, and pollution. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has studied children’s mental health. It says emergency-room visits for mental healthcare increased. That was for kids ages 5 to 11.

Mental health days would give kids a break. And they might have time to get the help they need.


Hailey Young, 12

Secane, Pennsylvania

The weekend gives kids time off. But people do not use that time wisely. We children need to learn to better manage our time. We barely get our schoolwork done in the five work days we get. For some kids, school might be their safe haven.

Home might be scary or stressful for them. A mental health day might end up being more stressful than school.


Nugg Canales, 8

York, Pennsylvania

Kids should get mental health days off from school. Sometimes, we need to stay home to calm our minds. Some schools do not allow music. I have days where I need calming music. It makes me feel good. If you take a mental health day, you should not have to make up work.


Bibi Van Tooren, 11

San Diego, California

Schools should give kids days off for mental health. Mental health is an important part of overall health. It is just as important as physical health. If you do not feel 100%, it will affect your ability to focus.

Kids get stressed with long school days. School can cause a lot of anxiety.