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Toys for the Summer


There are so many ways to have fun and stay cool during the summer months. Here are some of our favorite outdoor toys and games.

Colorful Creations


Get creative with sidewalk chalk. You can draw with it. You can also make a hopscotch game. Twee is a company that makes sidewalk chalks. Some are pieces of a castle you can build. Some are planets. The big planets are made of three different colors. (Mason's Planets: $42; Carrie's Castle: $36)

A Soapy Surprise


Soap bubbles are like magic. And they're so much fun to pop! Make your own bubble solution. Mix water, dish soap, and a pinch of sugar. Or stock up on a summer's worth of solution from Funrise. (Gazillion Bubbles two-liter solution bottle: $11)

Fun at Night


Has the sun already set? No problem. Play nighttime games using glow sticks. Or play glow-in-the-dark capture the flag. Use this kit from Starlux Games. (Capture the Flag Redux: $50)

A New Challenge


Challenge yourself! Create an obstacle course. You can buy a kit or make one of your own. Use ropes, swings, and trees. Make it into a race. May the fastest person win! (Slackers Ninjaline 36-Foot Intro Kit: $100)

Fill 'Em Up


Stay cool this summer with water balloons. Play catch until every balloon goes splat. Check out these balloons by Zuru. You can fill 100 at a time. (Bunch O Balloons: $8)

Stay Cool


It's fun to run through sprinklers! After all, they're not just for watering the lawn. PoolCandy makes a fun one. It's the perfect finish line for a summer race. (Gigantic Outdoor Water Sprinkler: $50)

Slide into Summer


Nothing says summer like a waterslide. Wham-O's home version, the Slip 'N Slide, has been around since 1961. The company also makes an extra wide version. Two kids can slide at once! (Slip 'N Slide Wave Rider Double: $40)