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Ready For Class

The AV1 robot is 11 inches tall and weighs two pounds.

AV1 is a classroom robot. It was built to help students who are sick. The robot takes a student’s place in class. Users control it with a smartphone.

Makayla Nunn is a student in the United Kingdom. She uses AV1. That’s because she has a rare illness that makes her tired. The feeling doesn’t go away with sleep or rest. Her doctor told her to spend just three hours at school each day. This makes it hard to stay on top of her schoolwork. And Makayla misses her friends. “I would love to see them more,” she told TIME for Kids.

Students work on an assignment. Another student is participating from home using AV1.


With AV1, Makayla is able to stay connected. She uses AV1’s camera to see her classroom. She can “raise her hand” by tapping a button. That makes a light flash on AV1’s head. Makayla also talks to her classmates and teachers through AV1’s speakers. And she can push buttons to make the robot’s glowing eyes look happy or sad.