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Sea Turtle Discovery Zone


Sea turtles are ancient creatures. They have been around since the time of the dinosaurs. A sea turtle spends most of its life underwater. But female sea turtles lay eggs on the beach. And all sea turtles must come to the ocean’s surface for air. There are seven species of sea turtles. Many of them are endangered. Habitat loss puts the reptiles at risk. So does plastic litter in the oceans. What makes sea turtles so special? Read the diagram to find out.

1. Sea turtles have long flippers. These are shaped like paddles. The turtles use their flippers to move through the water.

2. Some turtles can bring their legs back into their shell. But sea turtles cannot.

3. Sea turtles have a smooth shell. This makes them super swimmers. They can swim long distances.

4. No teeth? No problem. Sea turtles have sharp jaws. This helps them slice through food.

5. A sea turtle’s eyes are like swimming goggles. They help a turtle see clearly underwater.

6. Sea turtles breathe air just like people. They rise out of the water to breathe air through their nostrils.