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Can You Get the Scoop?

Part of a reporter's job is to ask questions. This week, we've got a question for you. Junior Journalist, are you ready to conduct an interview?

Mission 8: Can You Get the Scoop?

Not all magazine stories are, well, stories. Sometimes, they’re Q&As. The Qs are a journalist’s questions. The As are the answers from the person being interviewed. Step 1 of a successful interview? Think about what you hope to learn. Do some research. This will help you come up with questions. When it’s time for the interview, be prepared! Have a fully charged audio-recording device. Take a notebook and pens or pencils. Don’t forget your list of questions. Then it’s time to talk—and listen.

Junior Journalists, we want to know: Can you get the scoop? Interview someone you know. Write down your questions. Record the answers—but ask permission first! Then create a transcript, or written record, of your conversation. Ask a teacher, parent, or guardian to send us your submission here or at

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