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Time for Recess

Just how important is recess?

It’s good for kids’ health. It helps with social skills social skills THOMAS BARWICK/GETTY IMAGES skills used to get along with other people (noun) Social skills are an important part of being a salesperson. , too. That’s according to a 2012 study. Now some states are beginning to protect recess time.

Recess is important for kids. Across the United States, people are working to make recess longer.


The Power of Play

Lucy Dathan is a politician politician HILL STREET STUDIOS/GETTY IMAGES an elected official in the government (noun) Suzy became a politician when she was elected mayor. in Connecticut. She is supporting a new state bill bill DENNIS MACDONALD/ GETTY IMAGES a written description of a new law that is being suggested, which lawmakers must vote on (noun) Senators voted to approve the bill. . It requires elementary schools to provide at least 50 minutes of recess. “Recess helps kids build relationships and be creative thinkers,” Dathan told TIME for Kids.

Last year, Arizona began requiring two recesses a day for elementary school students. Chris Lineberry likes this. He is a school principal in Arizona. He has seen a “deeper level of student engagement engagement HILL STREET STUDIOS/GETTY IMAGES interest; involvement (noun) Low political engagement leads to low voter turnout. in the classroom” since the change was made.

Izzy Kopsky and Belle Irby talk on April 1 at the State Capitol in Arkansas.


On April 1, Arkansas passed a law. It requires a 40-minute recess for students in elementary school. Izzy Kopsky is 8. He says recess is very important. His favorite part? “Playing and talking with my friends,” he told TFK Kid Reporter Belle Irby.