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Should Stores Separate Toys by Gender?


Many stores put toys aimed at boys in one place. They put toys aimed at girls in another. Some people like this. Others do not. Here, two kids share their views about this matter.


Preston Eubanks, 11

Syracuse, Utah


Stores should continue to separate toys aimed at boys from those aimed at girls. It is helpful. It makes a store more organized. For kids, it’s easier to find what you are looking for. Say you’re looking for a superhero toy. You know not to look in the doll section. You can find the toy more quickly. Who cares if aisles are separated? Boys and girls can still get whatever toy they want. If a girl is looking for a Hot Wheels set, she will know where to find it. No one is telling her not to play with it.


Phedre Perkins, 11

Foster City, California


Toy stores should not sort toys by gender. A toy is a toy! A girl might want to play with a “boy” toy. Who cares? It’s just a toy! Companies don’t care about you. They care about making money. Sometimes, kids just pretend to like something. They do this to try to fit into a mold. It’s not healthy for kids to grow up trying to be someone else. Kids should play with many types of toys. Kids should try everything! If they don’t, they might miss out on a hobby, an interest, or even a future job. Let’s let all kids be themselves.