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Beyond Apperances


The beloved children’s book The Story of Ferdinand was first published more than 80 years ago. Now it’s been reimagined reimagine HILL STREET STUDIOS/BLEND IMAGES to rethink (verb) The group reimagined its plan to complete the project. as an animated film, Ferdinand. The movie hits theaters on December 15. It tells the story of a kind and gentle Spanish bull who, because of his size, is mistaken for a beast. Ferdinand is taken from his home and made to fight for sport. The bull then plots plot HERO IMAGES to plan (verb) A football team plots their plays beforehand. a return to his peaceful roots.

Professional wrestler and actor JOHN CENA voices Ferdinand. Like his character, Cena is sometimes judged by his appearance. “A lot of people think I want to cause trouble because of the way I look,” Cena told TFK Kid Reporter Gabrielle Hurd. “But deep down, I’m a very nice and endearing endearing SAM EDWARDS/OJO IMAGES inspiring love or affection (adjective) The love my grandparents have for each other is endearing. person who just looks a certain way.”

The movie is part comedy, part drama. Above all, it delivers an important message: “Never be afraid to be who you are,” Cena says. “That’s what makes you so special. That’s what makes you accomplish great things.”