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The Human Body


Transforming Stress

October 6, 2021

Renee Jain founded GoZen!, an online platform for kids that focuses on mental health. She spoke with TFK about how to manage anxiety. “Turn worry into strength.” It’s normal to feel worried. The key is to turn it into strength,…



Positively Happy

December 9, 2020

One night, Christine Carter was sitting with her daughter in her lap. They were making a list: “Three Good Things of the Day.” Her daughter, who was braiding Carter’s hair, said, “Mom, this is going to be one of my…



Measles Alert

February 15, 2019

People in Washington and Oregon are rushing to get a vaccine. It could protect them from the measles virus. These states have had a measles outbreak. More than 50 people were infected, most of them children. The measles virus lives…


Fighting the Flu

January 18, 2019

More than 6 million people in the United States have caught the flu this season. This is according to a report released on January 11. The report is by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). “Flu activity…


Language Learning

January 10, 2019

Learning a new language is hard. In a recent study, scientists found the age at which your chances of reaching fluency in a new language drop off. That age is 10. Does that mean you should quit your French class…


Food for Thought

October 19, 2018

Margaret Morris is a scientist at the University of New South Wales, in Australia. She is giving her rats a memory test. She sets them in their usual box. But she has rearranged the objects inside. Some rats sniff them…


Habits for a Healthy Brain

October 12, 2018

A new study shows that meeting three benchmarks for health can strengthen kids’ brains. The benchmarks are getting nine to 11 hours of sleep each night, exercising at least 60 minutes a day, and spending less than two hours a…


In the Moment

August 31, 2018

Ten fifth graders are sitting on a bright-blue rug. They are in a classroom at P.S. 54, an elementary school in Brooklyn, New York. Their teacher, Adrienne Heim, strikes a bell. The students take a deep breath. The kids…


Attitude Counts

March 9, 2018

Positive thinking leads to greater achievement. That’s what researchers at Stanford University found. They gave a math test to 240 children ages 7 to 10. Some of the children believed they were good at math. They did better on the…


A Bad Flu Season

January 22, 2018

Flu season in the United States runs from October through March. This year’s flu is especially bad. That is according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). “We are currently in the midst of a very active…