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Cat Caper


TFK Kid Reporter Abhijay Potluri attended a screening of The Garfield Movie. Read his thoughts below.

Garfield is living his usual lazy life with Jon and his dog friend, Odie, enjoying all the lasagna he can eat. But the cat’s slothful agenda takes a surprising turn when he meets his long-lost dad, Vic, who needs his help with a risky heist. Garfield and Odie are yanked out of their cozy home and into a wild adventure.

At first, Garfield, who loves his snacks and naps, is not happy about this. But as the adventure unfolds, he starts to see things differently. He learns a lot about his dad, and even discovers a brave side of himself.

The movie is vibrantly animated and thoroughly entertaining. There are lots of funny moments, especially when Garfield’s laziness turns out to be surprisingly helpful. And there are some touching moments between Garfield and his dad.

This movie is perfect for kids and families who love a good adventure and lots of humor. Fans of the Garfield comics or TV shows will really enjoy seeing the characters on the big screen. Overall, the new Garfield movie is funny, exciting, and heartwarming.