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Cave People, Unite


The animated film Early Man tells the story of Dug, a caveman who lives a happy life as part of a Stone Age tribe. But Lord Nooth, from a Bronze Age tribe, wants to take Dug’s land. To save his home, Dug suggests a game of soccer between tribes. The winner will get the land. Dug gets help from a rebellious rebellious PURESTOCK/GETTY IMAGES refusing to obey rules or people who are in charge (adjective) When it was bedtime, my rebellious little sister ran outside instead of into our bedroom. young woman named Goona, voiced by MAISIE WILLIAMS (pictured).

The movie was created using stop-motion technique. Animators take photographs of puppets or clay figures in different positions. When the images are put in order and shown rapidly, the figures come to life. Williams made stop-motion films as a kid. “I loved making little plasticine plasticine STEVE DEBENPORT a soft material like clay that is used for making models of animals or people (noun) Keisha and I molded plasticine zoo animals during recess. models,” she told TFK.

Want to try this yourself? Williams suggests using a cell phone to snap photos. Swipe through the photos quickly and they work “kind of like flip books,” she says. Of Early Man, she adds, “The animators and the sculptors are the true stars of this film.”