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Creating Change


Author JACQUELINE WOODSON (left) is the new national ambassador ambassador ODD ANDERSEN—AFP/GETTY IMAGES an official representative (noun) Malala is a goodwill ambassador who works to ensure that all girls can get an education. for young people’s literature. The Librarian of Congress, Carla Hayden (right), bestowed bestowed MINT IMAGES/GETTY IMAGE, TEEKID/GETTY IMAGES to give something as a gift or an honor (verb) At the ceremony, our teacher bestowed the Student of the Month award on Jerrell. the honor last month at the Library of Congress, in Washington, D.C. Woodson’s award-winning books include Brown Girl Dreaming and Miracle’s Boys.

Woodson will serve as ambassador through 2019. In her new role, she will travel the country visiting schools, libraries, and even homeless shelters. She will talk with kids about the value of reading. She’ll also stress the importance of “finding books that speak to us individually.”

“I think books make us smarter,” Woodson told TFK. “They make us more thoughtful and more hopeful.”