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Finding Your Fierce


For as long as she can remember, ALY RAISMAN has kept a journal. She has also loved gymnastics. Now, the two-time Olympic champion is hoping to inspire young readers with her first book, Fierce: How Competing for Myself Changed Everything. In it, Raisman describes her path to Olympic glory, including helping Team U.S.A. win gold at the 2016 Summer Games. She also shares her struggles and disappointments, personalizing the book with quotes from her journals.

“Most people tune in every four years to watch the Olympics,” Raisman told TFK, “but what they don’t see is all the hard days we go through to get there.” She hopes the book will have a lasting impact impact FILE/HULTON ARCHIVE Having a powerful effect on someone or something (verb) Jackie Robinson had a powerful impact on the world of sports—he helped integrate his sports team. . “When people read [it], I hope they find the silver lining in their own struggles,” she says. “We are all stronger than we think.”