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Fighting for Change

TAKING TO THE STREETS On November 5, children join a march in Glasgow, Scotland, to demand that world leaders take serious steps to fight climate change. IAIN MCGUINNESS—SOPA IMAGES/lLIGHTROCKET/GETTY IMAGES

Government officials from 196 countries gathered for the United Nations Conference of the Parties. It was held in Glasgow, Scotland. It took place from October 31 to November 12. The conference brings world leaders together every year. They discuss how to address climate change.

Officials had several goals. One was to figure out how to limit the rise in global temperatures. Scientists warn of more natural disasters if the planet gets much warmer.

More than 100 countries agreed to cut methane emissions by 30% in this decade. Methane is a planet-warming gas. More than 130 pledged to stop deforestation within that time.

But many young people say promises are not enough. They want a formal agreement. They say it’s needed to make countries keep their promises.

On November 6, about 100,000 people attended a rally in Glasgow. “Leaders keep praising young people for standing up and protesting,” Vanessa Nakate told TIME. Nakate is a climate activist from Uganda. “But saving the world needs decisions from leaders.”