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Fighting Hunger

WHITE HOUSE Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff spoke with TFK Kid Reporter Audrey on February 27. THE WHITE HOUSE

Doug Emhoff is the husband of Vice President Kamala Harris. That makes him the Second Gentleman of the United States. On February 27, he spoke at the White House, in Washington, D.C. TFK Kid Reporter Audrey Owolo was there.

Emhoff talked about how President Biden is fighting food insecurity in the United States. Then Emhoff announced that another $1.7 billion will go toward efforts to end hunger.

The money comes from more than 140 groups. These include sports organizations, nonprofits, and others. The groups are responding to a White House challenge to end hunger by 2030.

Emhoff spoke with Audrey in an exclusive interview. He said there’s “an all-hands-on-deck effort” to make sure all people have access to food. The two talked about how hunger can affect a person’s physical and mental well-being.

It’s “important that we all come together and make sure people have enough to eat,” Emhoff told Audrey.

Stop & Think!

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