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From Our Readers...

Mrs. Hall’s students at Durham Academy, in North Carolina, shared their feedback and ideas with us. Read what a few of them had to say.

I loved the TFK article about rock, paper, scissors (January 15). I use rock, paper, scissors whenever I am disagreeing with my sister and friends. It is helpful to look for patterns. Thank you for the tip. —Kylie Mitchell, 11

“New COVID-19 Challenges” (January 22) was really informative. Kids my age might not watch the news. I think you should keep talking about COVID-19 to keep kids up to date. —Julian Edwards, 11

I loved reading about the movie Soul (January 22). In a future TFK, I would love to see more movie reviews and also maybe some book reviews. —Elizabeth Wilber, 11

I really enjoyed “Gathering Storms” (January 15). It informed me about hurricanes. One suggestion for a future topic is how climate change is affecting animals. —Madeline Pappas, 10

Write about sustainable farming. It would be great for kids to learn about how we get our food! —Leah Silliman, 11

There should be a craft page in TFK to make it more engaging. The craft could be upcycling or how to draw a cat—whatever! This would make TFK more fun. —Caroline Hunter, 11

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