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From Our Readers

We asked our readers to tell us how they’re spreading kindness in their community. Here’s what a few of you had to say.

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I helped someone with their work. When I needed help, they helped me. So it was kindness back and forth. 
—Lyaan O., 10, Connecticut

I love talking to people and making them feel better. I make people better with my jokes and silliness. I hope other kids are doing the same. 
—Caroline R., 7, Ohio

At school, I helped students clean up the cafeteria. For the community, I donated my beloved books to little kids, and I baked cookies to give to senior residents. Even though the things I did weren’t major, they still spread kindness. —Bohan S., 11, Texas

I started doing compliment chains. Friends celebrate one another by creating paper loops with compliments. Then I came up with Earth Baby, a doll given to honor people’s kindness. The money from the dolls will help kids in Uganda. 
—Abigail G., 8, Washington