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From Our Readers

We love hearing from our readers! Write to us at Here’s what some of you are saying.

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I make stories about a family of potatoes who work together to get through rough times. My friend Leila illustrates them. People have definitely felt better and been able to laugh because of our books. —Harper H., 11, California

I care about preventing bullying. [This] year, I resolve to get involved with antibullying programs, because I care about people’s mental health and wellness. —Daniel K., Kentucky

In my school, we’re going to have a business fair. I’m making candles to sell. We’ll use the money for our grade-level field trips this year. Not every family can afford our trips. —Madison C., 10, Connecticut

My students are passionate about making a difference in our community. For Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, we partnered with Pets Are Wonderful Support. Students put up flyers with information about adoptable pets. We also had a donation drive. —Eunice W. (teacher), Illinois