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Imagine This


TFK Kid Reporter Ninis Twumasi attended a screening of the new movie IF and interviewed the film’s young star, Cailey Fleming. Read his thoughts below.

Imaginary friends: We’ve all had them. But what happens when you grow up? IF answers all your questions.

In the movie, an IF is an imaginary friend. When a kid grows up, they can’t see their IF anymore. The IF has to live in a place for forgotten IFs—until Bea comes along. With the help of others, including an IF bear named Lewis (above), Bea makes it her mission to reconnect imaginary friends with their kids. Will she be successful?

Cailey Fleming plays Bea. She told me she hopes the movie helps young people understand that growing up is not scary. Cailey enjoyed working on this movie because she felt a connection with her character. Both she and Bea are “curious, adventurous, intense, and emotional,” she says.

I recommend IF to kids of all ages. I agree with Cailey: This movie shows that growing up is not scary. It gave me a lot to think about. The ending is super sweet, and some reveals made me cry. Well, what are you waiting for? Go see it!